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Cessation of Dolby support in VS

Posted: Sat Apr 17, 2021 8:39 am
by Davidk
In many pages in this forum, there have been expressions of dismay, even "I don't know why Corel did it" from users and moderators alike about the cessation of support for Dolby audio in the most recent versions of the program. The fact that patents had expired and royalties no longer applied simply "washed off the ducks back", as it were.
I also use Power Director 18, one of Video Studio's competitor editors, and today I came across posts in that user forum on this dolby topic, and that led to a moderators article on the topic which explains at least some of the background to why VS no longer supports Dolby audio.
It appears that in the windows 8.1 thru 10, dolby audio support is available in the operating system, so there is no reason to support it in the application, ergo it's removed. However, that is not the case in windows 7 (the latest PD18 post about this was raised by a user with PD18 on windows 7), and users importing clips with dolby audio into PD18 under win7 had no audio in the editor. Which is exactly what the various posters on this topic were complaining about re VS, with no explanation given. Cyberlinks advice on this was to upgrade the OS. I doubt that would fix anything for VS but the reason for support situation does become clearer.

The reference article on this topic has been cribbed (apologies) here: ... o?id=24372