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Re: 50fps making fuzzy slo-mo??

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2021 11:00 pm
by spudgun
tletter wrote:
Mon Jan 25, 2021 4:50 pm
spudgun wrote:It would appear that my fuzzy problems are NOTHING to do with my rendering/editing process at all.
As previously pointed out to you, the way you are editing and rendering your video is causing issues, e.g. reducing the data rate from 153399Kbps down to 27326kbps (a factor of 561%), will affect the quality. You might want to take the time to try making the changes pointed out to you to improve your "fuzzy" videos

Thank you for your comment.
Alas, you might want to take the time to try and read my response. The fuzziness has nothing to do with the way I edit and render videos. I have previously, and now SUBSEQUENTLY edited the way I have always edited and rendered, with great results.

The problem was the LAPTOP installed version of Videostudio. Whether THAT changed the data rate, I do not know. I only know that the problem is now remedied and that I have reported as such; and am grateful for those who took the time to courteously respond and advise.

Re: 50fps making fuzzy slo-mo??

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2021 11:06 pm
by spudgun
lata wrote:
Mon Jan 25, 2021 2:16 pm
The EULA states that we can only install one version of video studio on one computer in the household.
However it also states that if the computer is faulty then the program can be installed on another computer
I am surprised that you felt the need to purchase a new program

Yes I believe that Corel are working to protect there program from piracy, I did not think you would have had any problems although we do see a strange registration panel when installing, and certainly unsure how they would police this.

It may be the old existing downloaded program files that needed replacing.
You can and should be able to do that using your original serial number and downloading to a new empty folder.
If you need more info or help in downloading the files again, please PM me

As I see it at the moment you have two licences / serial numbers and own two separate programs
If you are able to fix the old version and it performs ok, then you could request a refund for the newest version, 30day money back guarantee.

I do hope that you got a good deal in buying the second program.
Hello Trevor, and thank you for your response. Yes, I did TRY, on several occasions, to uninstall and re-install, using my original license key. It simply would NOT download the software, and got 'stuck' about 5% of the way in. I had to apply for the 'Free Trial', wherupon I then had to purchase the full program, updating to the 'Ultimate' version. I did NOT get any kind of deal with this purchase. That SAID, my desktop computer is now FIXED, so I have TWO copies of the software.

Re: 50fps making fuzzy slo-mo??

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2021 10:30 am
by lata
You should not have any problems downloading the program files again
I assume the new version is installed to the desktop and that the laptop does NOT have 2020 installed

1 / Make sure 2020 has been uninstalled from the laptop
2 / create a new empty folder to hold the download files
3 / copy the 2020 Installer file ( aka Stub) to this folder, any 2020 installer file will do.
If you are unsure then download another VideoStudio 2020 file from
save to the folder in 2 above
4 / run the installer using your original serial number, the old one
5 / navigate to the panel that shows Complete or Custom
Choose Custom then next
6 / the download location will be a folder on the desktop VideoStudio2020, you can change that to the folder created in 2 above
7 / bottom right, choose Download only, unless you also wish to install
But that can be done later
8 / the installation files you download are the latest with all service packs included, so once installed there will be no need to update using Service Packs.