I can't add specific PNG file into project

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I can't add specific PNG file into project

Post by rodolfopouros »

When I tried to add an image to video track, I couldn't becouse of error below;
"The file format is unknown, that the computer is running out of memory, or that the file is copyright protected."

The file format is PNG, and the file size is 176 KB.
(In this project I could other 24 image files before.)

Memory is available 4 GB in 8 GB.

Is there an upper limit on the file size that can be taken in?

Japanese support desk said they could add this file ( I sent ) normally.

Does anyone have any solution / have a fix for this error ?

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Re: I can't add specific PNG file into project

Post by lata »

What version of video studio are you using?
If you go to the Graphics library aka Overlay library there are sample png’s do you have a problem with those.
Would you like to share your image with us.
Have you tried using an image editor to resave the png as a new file.
Regards Trevor
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