Scorefitter music sounds distorted

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Scorefitter music sounds distorted

Post by Cyberherbalist »

It used to be the case in VS that one could double click on a music clip and it would play immediately. Now you have to click on it, then click play in the clip player. Oh, well, things change.

But it's worse than that, at least in my installation. When I click play on a Scorefitter track, what comes out is an unspeakable mess. It's distorted and useless to listen to. In order to hear what it actually sounds like, I have to lay the music clip into the time line, then play the clip from there. That works. But it's extremely inconvenient.

Is there something wrong with my installation? I have to tell you, the current installation is the second time I've installed VS2020 (due to a hard drive crash), and both times this behavior was present.

Any ideas?
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Re: Scorefitter music sounds distorted

Post by lata »

Not a problem with your installation, we all have this issue -- discussed before on the forums

Yes playback from within the library is of no use what so ever, I guess this is a bug.

The score fitter clips are used for Auto Music, open that to select the different versions to play without adding to the timelines

Plays without rendering to wav which seems a waste of time, to many duplicates
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