Rendering Text in VSP 2020

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Rendering Text in VSP 2020

Post by Popeye »

I don't see any messages about this - apologies if there are.
I do weekly virtual services for a church. This involves a lot of text embedded for sing along, responsive readings, song/hymn lyrics, etc. It takes an unacceptable amount of time to render the videos when there is text. I have timed this over and over with test files and found that a 30 second video with no text renders in about 8 - 10 seconds or less if it already is a video as input. When I add a text box - even just a date the time becomes many minutes, anywhere from 4 up. I have resorted to creating .png or ,jpg files from my text and using those files in place of text boxes.
My render settings: My PC:
MP4 Intel i7
24bits 16MG RAM
1280 x 720 - 30 fps 8TB, 3TB, and 1TB (SSD) drives
H.264 - 10000kbps
48000 Hz 16bit, stereo
MPEG AAC - 192kbps

I recently spent an hour with tech support on remote access and the final analysis was that it takes a long time to render text. Anyone else have this severe disappointment with VSP?
Anyone know if this issue has been addressed, or is being addressed?
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Re: Rendering Text in VSP 2020

Post by Pepi »

Perhaps it could help if you share a bit more how do you face the issue. E.g. following scenario:
17s with or without text. Output was MPEG4 1080p 25p
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