If you receive an error popup with Adorage

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If you receive an error popup with Adorage

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In case you are having following error message on VideoStudio 2020 and its plugin "Adorage" while starting the plug-in:
VS-Forum-Adorage.gif (9.37 KiB) Viewed 427 times
The wrong path is stored on here:
That path is stored during the installation phase and depends of what user account you are using for running VS you might have or not have the problem.

To get this fixed, you need to close the VS and update the path on the registry.
<standard register warning>
If you are not family with registry, do not try this, you could break your workstation.
</standard register warning>

To update the path you need to replacing the wrong user name (in my case xXxXxX) to what you are using normally. That you can get (e.g.) by command "whoami":
VS-Forum-Adorage.user.gif (2.83 KiB) Viewed 427 times
Select the last part from the result.

And this is how it looks when it is correct:
When you start Adorage in next time, it should start without any problems. I have informed proDAD from this, but not sure how they response to this.
Don't Panic
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