VideoStudio 2020 Won't Install

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VideoStudio 2020 Won't Install

Post by UtahJohn »

Any ideas on how to install VideoStudio 2020? I started installing it, and it worked pretty normally until something happened (not really sure since I stepped away from the computer), and the installation did not finish and closed itself. I have since tried a couple times to finish the installation, but this does not seem possible. It gets to the screen where the thermometers are and they should be showing what is being downloaded and installed, but it just shows two lines and nothing ever happens.
cvs2020 won't install.png
A couple things worth mentioning are that this was a download purchase (directly from Corel). Somewhere, parts of the installation are there and remembered because my second and third attempts had the serial number and my registration information still in the boxes. Also, it has put some (all? I wouldn't know) of the files in the folder <C:\Program Files\Corel\Corel VideoStudio 2020>. There is no shortcut on the start menu and VideoStudio does not show up in the list of installed programs, so I can't use Windows to get rid of the incomplete (?) installation. I'm using Windows 10. Finally, it seems my disk usage is pinned at 100% while the installation program is open, but nothing's happening.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. (I have thought about using IOBit Uninstaller, which I've had success with in other cases to see if it can find this broken installation and maybe start over, but my attempts at starting over so far have been less than inspiring. UPDATE on the uninstall idea: No go. I guess the program's not as powerful as I hoped (at least, not in its free version, which is all I have). I have found a large number of "VideoStudio 2020" values in the registry (keys and values), so I'm hoping that since I deleted all the files I can find, I could spend a lot of time finding each key and value dealing with VideoStudio 2020 and then try again, but I don't have time for that today.)
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Re: VideoStudio 2020 Won't Install

Post by lata »

Hi John
Have you managed to successfully install VS 2020
If not and Program and Features cannot uninstall then we can provide a cleanup tool which should remove VS 2020
The tool is only available as case by case when no other options are available. it is not available for the general public (Corel rules) as applying the tool can affect VS 2019 should that be installed, you may need to re-install 2019, or some of the packs. If you do not have VS 2019 installed then there should be no issues.
You also mention a folder C:\Program Files\Corel\Corel VideoStudio 2020
Does that contain a file called vstudio.exe, if so double click that and the program should run

Giving your installation issue some thought, either the installation files are corrupt so I urge you to download the packages again.
Or the pc closed down whilst installing the program terminating the installation.
Either way you need to remove the program and the cleanup tool will help
Let me know and I will arrange via Private Messages
Regards Trevor
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