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Audio will not play in an .mp4 clip

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2020 4:24 am
by mrpuppt
Greetings. I am editing together a number of videos from a variety of sources, which will eventually be put on a Facebook page. The files I'm currently working with are video from a Moto G6 phone. It will play just fine in Windows Media Player but not in Videostudio. The video plays in it, but I get clicking sounds for the audio. Other clips in the project play audio just fine, but they are not video from this phone. I need the set of videos from this phone to work. Any ideas?

Videostudio Pro 2020 x64
Updated to the latest

File properties of the files in question:
.mp4 file
Video type is H.264 Main Profile Video
24 bit 360x640
Data rate of 504 kpbs
Audio - mpeg AAC audio
24000 hz 16 bit stereo
64 kpbs bit rate

Project Properties:
currently set to "Mobile" (this and the rest were the default I have not changed anything)
.mp4 24 bits 1920x1080 29.97 fps
Frame Based
h264 High Profile Video 5000
kbps 16.9
48000 H2 16 Bit Stereo
mpeg AAC audio 256 kbps