Cannot add more folders

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Re: Cannot add more folders

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Thank you for your support. You solved it for me!
I just went back to Corel Community and read all the responses. The explanations hit home here, and I began to put VSP into perspective.
After reading this Corel Community education, I felt comfortable enough to take your re-set library suggestion, and lo and behold, it got rid of the folders. I then tested two of the videos I made going from within VSP to where my .VSP files were stored, and it brought them forth onto the timeline. I could also create a new folder. The original files used did not show in the folder area, but it appears I can now edit my old .VSP files, plus use folders to create new ones.
Thanks to you and the other Corel Community members, I appear to be back on track with VSP 2020.
THANK YOU! I feel like I owe you a beer!
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