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Time lapse help needed

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2020 8:25 am
by JohnRVSP
Hello All, I'm back!
After 2 years of no video editing I need to make a TL again.
VSP U2020 fresh install--Thanks Trevor!
Here are my details:
1. My video Camera generates 31 minute video segments.
...I have 3-31 minute segments to join sequentially--(back-to-back-to-back, 93 minutes).
...I placed them in the top track. video 1, v2, v3.
2. I have a second video "2-hr track of an analog clock" to be superimposed over the main track.
...I snipped the last few minutes, (93 of 120 min), off of the clock video to match the end of the "3-31 min segments (93 min)," in the first track above.

My Goal
I would like to TIME LAPSE both tracks at high speed until the last 5 minutes (88 minutes TL), at which time I want a normal speed (5 minutes normal).

My Problem-Question
I could not see how to select+combine the 1st track '3 segments', and the 2nd track 'Clock',
and limit the TL to 88 minutes of 93 minutes total, all in 1 encoding pass.
1. Is it possible to do all 5 steps in 1 operation--Merge 3 segments 1st track, blend clock on 2nd track into the 1st track, and control the amount of TL?
2. Is this possible or will multiple passes be required?--Merge 3 and blend 2 tracks 1st pass , then, TL (88 of 93 min), on 2nd pass?