Pan and Zoom Not Available

Pan and Zoom Not Available

Postby RickC » Sat Jun 20, 2020 9:02 pm

As I add new overlays to my project, I am finding that the "Apply Pan & Zoom" checkbox is grayed out and I'm unable to pan and zoom that particular clip. I've tried the process of deleting temp files and renaming the 23.0 folder to 23.0_old and rebooting the computer and this hasn't fixed things. I'm trying to get this video finished this weekend and this is stopping me in my tracks. If I start a new project things work just the way they shold.

I've just figured out a workaround that may allow me to limp along as I complete this. I've copied an overlay (photo) that does have pan and zoom, then used the right click/Replace Clip command to put in the media that I want for the new overlay. When I double click the segment to get to the edit window, I still find that the "Apply Pan & Zoom" checkbox is grayed out, but it's greyed out AND has a checkmark in the box, and I can then open the customize window and add key frames.

Does anyone know what the issue is? I'm at and before this last update, I had a lot of crashes - I saved often and frequently had to restart and "recover previous project". I'm wondering if the issue has something to do with these recovered project files.

Finally, I find that at ./AppData/roaming/ulead systems I have folders for Corel VideoStudio MW (x64), Corel VideoStudio Pro, and Corel VideoStudio Pro (x64) - is there possibly some competition here?

Thanks for any suggestions!
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Re: Pan and Zoom Not Available

Postby lata » Sun Jun 21, 2020 9:10 am

Hi Rick
I would suspect it is a project / clip setting that is causing this problem.
I assume the clip is a Photo, is it only the one clip that this problem is affecting
At the moment it is difficult to imaging what is or is not selected?
Where do you see the "Apply Pan & Zoom" checkbox as there are several options to apply P&Z
Are you able to Zip and attach the VSP to your post, if it is a Photo in question we can replace the clip to check if there is anything amiss with that photo
Regards Trevor
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