Audio track issue

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Audio track issue

Post by Prelude »

Hey all, first post. Sorry if it breaks some sort of rules. (I checked for the issue already being reported and I can't find anything about it)

So I'm trying videostudio for the first time (videopad was so full of bugs it was unuseable.) I've run into two problems so far:
1st issue: I've placed a music track and am pasting clips of video that change to the beat of the music. Problem is, if I move the cursor to a spot in the sequence, the audio track won't play from that spot I pick. i.e, I pick a spot in the middle of the sequence and the audio track will be playing at a certain spot. Then I pick another spot on the sequence and the audio track plays exactly where it started the first time.
The only way to hear the audio reliably synced with my clips is to watch the sequence from the very beginning each time.

2nd issue, when I shift-drag a clip (a shortcut to adjusting the speed of the clip) then it will adjust the speed, and snap the clip all the way to the end of the entire sequence.

I'm sure I'll run into other issues in the near future, but for now these are very annoying problems I can't figure out.
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