My honest review of VSP 2018 Ultimate since Nov

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My honest review of VSP 2018 Ultimate since Nov

Post by 1jhill »

So I've had video studio pro since nov 2018 (now too late to return) and I gotta say Im not sure what all the PC mag reviews giving it 2ns place to cyberlink and just all reviews being positive in general are all about. I really wanted to like this program and I must say I like the interface a lot and while it is very user friendly but the program lacks in so many ways that it just shouldn't even be acceptable in 2018. So first up I bought Ultimate because it comes with newblue colorfast whereas cyberlink I couldn't find any form of advanced color editing so I said ok im not a pro but I do want the ability to have some controls over color correcting for under/overexposed videos since I shoot in the forest with gopro and you never know what you'll get and sometimes you need to raise the shadows or lower the highlights etc. So cool I get VSP ultimate, first thing I find is it is rather slow to make a proxy and I need to make a proxy for 4k, OK I guess it is what it is I say since I have no other experience. Proxy made, cool now I can multi trim, video plays just fine and I do all my cuts, perfect! load colorfast and everything goes to hell, the GUI for the plugin is slow and the dials all choppy, ok fine Ill work with a slow unresponsive GUI, oh but now preview playback is all choppy as hell too WTH? isn't the whole point of using a proxy for editing to not become resource intensive? So is the plugin using the source file or the plugin? whos knows, not corel, not newbluefx I've asked both (been working with corel and tried clearing temp files, added k lite codecs, even a clean win10 install nothing works). So fine that plugin doesn't work -1. Then go to render videos and again slow as all hell (talking hours) even for 1080p source files from an older gopro, well I use the resource manager to find the program only uses 1 core that's it so much for hardware acceleration yada yada BS (yes I've checked all options for it). Really one core in 2018?

So I bought Pinnacle Studio 22 last night and while it is way above my head since I am no video making pro I have 30 days to learn the program at least but so far it has amazing color grading, and uses all 4 cores and 4 threads of my i7 4790k OC 4.6ghz and holy crap what a difference. Corel you own both suites time to have your programmers talk to one another 2019 VSP use pinnacles engine and VSP interface (as it is much more user friendly, don't even need a manual) and then add pinnacle color grading and you will blow cyberlink and all others out of the water for a user friendly yet advanced video editor.

mixed feelings of VSP as I like the interface a lot but in the end it just isn't really a 2018 software when even an i3 I think now is dual core.
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