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Re: Convert step got some problems [257:0:0]

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2020 8:07 pm
by canuck
According to the images posted, the video is near 60 minutes which is close to the DVD limit at best quality. Adding a menu will of course increase the size. Could it be that the multiple menu pages exceed the DVD limit since a single menu page works?
Perhaps reducing the bitrate setting will allow the DVD to be burned with the multiple page menu.

Re: Convert step got some problems [257:0:0]

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2020 8:21 pm
by jcsaba
The video + the 3 page menu altogether around 4 GB which is lower than the maximal 4.7 GB. There is an indicator for the expected size of the menu and there is a bar below to sign if the project size totally videos + menu exceeds the maximum. For instance a motion menu always takes up more space then a static one, that's why I try to avoid it.

Re: Convert step got some problems [257:0:0]

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2020 8:44 pm
by Ken Berry
The 4.7 figure depends on how you count bytes or bits... In fact, the amount you can squeeze onto a single layer DVD is around 4.3 GB. But I agree that VS gives a good indication in its space bar of how big your project is and whether it will fit on a disc.

I haven't produced a DVD in years. However, when I did, I always produced the DVD-compatible mpeg-2 within the edit module of VS and used that to burn, rather than the project file. The project file is automatically inserted in the burning module if it was still open in the Edit module, even if you have produced a new mpeg-2 there. So I always would close the project in the Edit module after producing the mpeg-2 by simply going to File > New Project. Then when you open the burning module, its timeline should be empty. You then go up to Add Media to add your new mpeg-2. Also go to the Settings cogwheel icon in the bottom left of the burning screen and make sure you tick the box beside "Do not convert compliant video" (or words to that effect). That makes sure a further conversion of your new mpeg-2 does not take place.

Re: Convert step got some problems [257:0:0]

Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2021 8:37 pm
by jcsaba
Thanks for your replies. I tried both methods to make the DVD disc with no difference in result. When I made sevaral attempts with changing menu settings, I always used 2 DVD compliant mpeg-2 files (first as an introductory video, second as the main video to be split up into 9 chapters) produced earlier by VSX9 during the rendering phase of the whole project. I even deselect "normailze audio" option which would otherwise re-encode mpeg-2 files taking long time. (Yes that is the case, when burning porcess starts with "converting titles" as seen from the process bar) So the process starts immediately with "converting menus" as can be seen on the process indicating bars (Total progress and Detailed progress bar). In a few seconds (on my screenshot you can see in 5 seconds) when the process bar shows converting menu page 2 or 3, the process stops and the error message pops up. That is why several burning attempts can be made in short time by changing menu settings. I tried with music and without music, motion menu and no-motion menu, smart scene menu template, text menu template, thumbnail menu template etc, the only solution was to apply a one page menu (in my case with 9 chapters there was only one template with 9 thumbnails). This error has never ever occurred with VS earlier versions under Windows XP or 7. In a couple years I upgraded to VSX9 just for being compatible with Windows 10.
I will try to follow the steps suggested by Iata and come back with the results (anyway I use PAL, and all project settings are almost the same as used for years with success. The cause of error should be somewhere in creating menu pages)

Re: Convert step got some problems [257:0:0]

Posted: Sat Jan 02, 2021 12:06 pm
by lata
I do not have X9 installed so testing using X10 the nearest version I have installed.
I have run a few tests using a 56 minute Mpeg2
This will create a single thumbnail on the main / Title menu page
I added 9 chapters
Menu Template selection, I do not know what you select for the main title.
I selected one having 3 thumbnails although only one used, I also used the same menu for the Chapters, that created 3 pages each using 3 thumbnails
Leaving all other settings as default I finally created the ISO with no issues
I then repeated the above by adding an intro, still no issues.

The above test used chapters added within the burner module

I ran the test again but this time created the chapters within the main timelines, then rendered to Mpeg2
Using this file I am able to retrieve the chapter points but not retaining their names, this option being fixed in later versions of VS.
I would advise you that if you are adding chapters on the main timeline that you try adding Chapters within the burner module, even though I had no problems.

So far I am unable to cause any crashes.

Have you considered re-installing the program, I realise that this will affect your library but you have the option to Export the library as a backup, to import after installing the program
Although I would test the burner before importing the library, just to rule out any issues with the library.

Before re-installing you could try a reset by renaming the folder 19.0 to 19.0_old
C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\Ulead Systems\Corel VideoStudio Pro (x64)
Again first Export the library as a backup

Menu Templates
You do realise we can customise our templates and select the number of thumbnails although seems to be limited to 8 max, the layout can be saved to the Favourites folder
There are also templates available to download and install from the Do-More / Get-More Corel Guide which
There are other menu templates provided by forum members here
Installing other templates are not going to fix the problems you are experiencing.

Re: Convert step got some problems [257:0:0]

Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2021 12:31 am
by jcsaba
Thanks for all replies
I might have found encoding bit rate as a problem. When mpeg settings what is the maximal video data rate (variable data rate) that can be applied? With one hour or shorter footage (which seems to fit a 4.7 GB DVD disc even with high video data rate) can you apply 9000 or even highher bitrate? How much does it matter first when you just render the file into DVD compliant mpeg files? And when you burn the mpeg-2 files with menus onto a disc?

Re: Convert step got some problems [257:0:0]

Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2021 4:45 am
by Ken Berry
You refer to "video data rate" and "bitrate" as though they are two separate things. As far as I am aware, they are just two different names for the same thing, although "bitrate" can cover both video and audio. A DVD can have a maximum total bitrate of 10,080 kbps, but that is both video and data. (Note that in fact they have a raw bitrate of 11,080 kbps, but of that 1000 kbps is regarded as "overhead"...) Of that 10,080 I believe the maximum video bitrate is around 9,800 kbps. However, a lot of stand-alone DVD players have difficulty playing a DVD with a video bitrate which is higher than 8000 kbps. So we usually recommend that as the maximum video bitrate for a DVD which is one hour or less long.

You could always try using a higher bitrate, though below 10,000 kbps, but if your DVD player won't play it either properly or at all, then you would need to reduce the bitrate to the recommended 8000 kbps and burn another disc.

Re: Convert step got some problems [257:0:0]

Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2021 10:06 am
by jcsaba
Hi Ken
Thanks for the quick reply. I put this question beacuse I made a test project as suggested by Trevor. When I came to project/compression settings under burning module (cog wheel), and wanted to set a video data bit rate above 9000, a message poped up saying that the maximum is 8264. (It was a 2 minute video, so no problem with DVD size). I have never met such message yet. I set the video bit rate to 8264 and my project completed successfully. With my earlier unsuccessful attempts, compression video bit rate was set to 9300 or 9500

Re: Convert step got some problems [257:0:0]

Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2021 11:31 am
by lata
The burner cogwheel Project Settings options……

Here we see a selection for Do not Convert Compliant Video Files, this option should be selected
As you have previously rendered the project to a DVD Mpeg2 Compliant video file then no conversion is done, no Convert Title, where you see Convert Title being used the settings showing in the top panel (MPEG properties for File Conversion) are used.

As you are using Compliant Mpeg2 files the only reason to view the cogwheel settings is for the Navigation Controls.
You can force it to render the title by deselecting the Do Not Convert Compliant Mpeg files, but then you would not wish to do that unless your video file was to large / oversized.
The choice Do not Convert Compliant Video Files is normally selected.

You have had no problems in using the Mpeg2 file you created
The burner process completes successfully when you use one chapter menu page containing the 9 links
It is when using 3 chapter pages with 3 links each that the burning process fails.
I have tried to replicate your burner fails creating the same menu structure, all my attempts complete ok.

As my previous post I can only suggest a reset or a re-installation of the full program