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Coral Studio 12

Post by Pilgrim01 »


I have a version of Coral Studio 12 and am needing some advise. We have video that we can edit etc with no problem. however what we need is a still of part of the video and then to convert / "save as" that still in to a picture format such as a JPEG or Bitmap.

Are you able to advise how this is done?


Re: Coral Studio 12

Post by BrianCee »

OK- the first thing to do is decide whether you want a bmp or jpeg, click on 'File' then choose 'Preferences' under 'Capture' in the dialogue window choose 'Bitmap or JPEG' against 'Captured Still Image Format' - close the dialogue window.

Put your video in the timeline and select the 'Edit' stage tab. Use whatever controls suit you (jog slider/timeline cursor etc.) to get the frame that you desire a still image of in the preview window. now back up in the top left corner click on 'Clip' and then 'Save as Still Image' - - a still image (bmp or jpg) has now been saved in the working folder which you previously selected as your working folder.

but please be aware that still images from a video are never going to be of a quality to make large prints from - I don't know what video format you have used or which TV system you have but the image size will be whatever your video size is and may for instance only be 720 x 576 pixels.
Trevor Andrew

Re: Coral Studio 12

Post by Trevor Andrew »


Just to expand on Brian’s advice, Capturing the image in Clip mode will produce an image the same size as your video frame size. If you are using HD video I don’t think there is any problem.

If using standard video 16:9 then you may have problems with your image looking a little distorted.

Project Playback mode……
If you were to save the still image in Project Playback mode using Tools – Save Current Frame as Image, this will create an image as you see on the preview screen which is I assume what you want.

So can you give details of your video file.
Right click the clip in the timeline and select properties.
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