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Script - Copy and Paste Layer Styles

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Script - Copy and Paste Layer Styles

Postby LeviFiction » Sun Jun 09, 2019 9:08 am

Script Name: LayerStyles Copy, Paste, Update, Add, UpdateAdd
Download Link: ... sp=sharing
Compatibility: PSP12 - 2019
Requirements: Place in Scripts-Trusted Folder
Video Demo: ... k2nXp/view

The fact that there is no real good way to deal with layer styles with scripts in PSP has always annoyed me. So, here is me dealing with that problem. It's not a great way to do this. It liteally takes copying a layer to the clipboard then reading the information back down and searching for it. Very inefficient. But it works. There are still a number of small issues with how PSP works that you need to work around but I'll show you exactly how this works in the video above.

It should even work between versions of PSP as well.

There are five scripts:

Copy - Ensures that a style has been copied to the clipboard
Paste - Replaces selected layer with copied styles
Update - only changes the effects on the target layer that source and dest share in common
Add - Adds only the effects that are in source but not in dest
UpdateAdd - Both updates effects they have in common, and Adds effects from source not in dest

Known issues -
1) If you use Update or Add then you will have to recopy the source style after every update . This is because I have to copy the dest layer styles to the clipboard in order to read them and make the changes. This replaces the source layer style in the clipboard.

2) These scripts are set to always run interactively. This is because layer styles won't update until the layer properties dialog is opened.
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