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Photos in ASP EXTREMELY Grainy

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Photos in ASP EXTREMELY Grainy

Postby jax96 » Tue Dec 11, 2018 2:37 am

Hi all, I'm new to AfterShot Pro, so I'm hoping ya'll can offer a quick fix for the bug I'm experiencing. I'm running ASP on Mac OSX 13.6, and before I purchased ASP I used the very primitive Apple Photos app for all photo processing. However, I've noticed that all RAW photos I import into ASP end up extremely grainy, far more so than photos I import into Apple Photos. It's like ASP intensifies ISO grain, even when I don't make any adjustments to the photo at all, merely import it. As an experiment, I imported a RAW test image into ASP and Apple Photos, and then exported a full-quality jpeg without making any edits in either program. The result: the output from ASP was substantially "grainier" than the output from Apple Photos... What am I missing? If all images processed in ASP end up coarsely grainy, that would be a real deal breaker. Please help, because I really want to love this software!

ps. I'm shooting on a Sony a6000. problem is most noticeable with shots @ISO 3200.
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Re: Photos in ASP EXTREMELY Grainy

Postby Voiceofexperience » Wed Dec 12, 2018 7:46 pm

jax96 wrote:Hi all, I'm new to AfterShot Pro, so I'm hoping ya'll can offer a quick fix for the bug I'm experiencing

It's not a bug - AfterShot Pro is just utterly crap at noise reduction - and image quality in general thanks to an appallingly poor demosaicing algorithm.

The fix? Use another converter.
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