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'Failed to initialize capture plug in

'Failed to initialize capture plug in

Postby riadtem » Sat Dec 08, 2018 2:31 pm

On attempting to use 'Capture' to capture some video from my camcorder I get the following dialogue box.
'Failed to initialize capture plug in. Another programme may be using it or the file has been moved'.
'Open driver failed'.
'Cannot create the video capture filter'.
This is preventing me from capturing video, as it implies. I have no other programme running that could cause this. Your assistance would appreciated.

we are using a sony hi8 CCD-TRV65EPAL camera with a KONIG CMP-USBVG5 USB5 Videograbber

what can we do which setting do we use to capture videos?

kind regards Ria
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Re: 'Failed to initialize capture plug in

Postby asik1 » Sat Dec 08, 2018 5:18 pm

go to koning and read:
"Does this grabber support W8 and W10?
No, this grabber supports up to W7."
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Re: 'Failed to initialize capture plug in

Postby Davidk » Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:05 am

That camera is a really old unit - DV tape recording only. And whilst it may still work, I bet you are finding it hard to buy new DV cassettes: they do wear out. A disadvantage of such units is that you must "play" the camcorder tape when its connected to the PC, in order to transfer any files: one hour of recording plays for one hour. And usually for such units, a Firewire connection was necessary: another item that's faded away, especially after USB 3 came out.

If your setup used to work on an older PC, try setting the operation for the grabber software that the camcorder plays to, to run under win 10 using compatibility mode (rt click the .exe file, choose properties, compatibility tab) for as XP? win7 whatever OS you used to use.

Best suggestion I can offer is to buy a new camera with SD card recording, or use your mobile smartphone (after reading up on how to transfer image files from the phone to the PC). Using a camera that records to a memory card, you can simply extract the card from the camera, insert it into a USB interface reader/writer plugged to your PC, or the card slot if the PC has one, and simply use explorer to copy the file(s) into the machine to any location of your choice. After that import the file from the location to VS and edit as normal . . . .
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Re: 'Failed to initialize capture plug in

Postby Ken Berry » Sun Dec 09, 2018 10:13 am

David -- I think the camera is even older than you think. It is NOT a digital DV model. Hi8 format was analogue AFAIK, and was one of three 8mm tape camera formats which preceded the DV/AVI camcorders. First there was Video 8, then Hi8 (both analogue) and in a breakthrough into the digital era, Digital 8. I still have a Digital 8 Sony which I keep as it does connect via Firewire, and can play analogue Digital 8 and Hi8 tapes. I did a lot of video recording with an older Sony Video 8 camcorder, so the newer Digital 8, with its Firewire connection, allowed me to insert my old analogue tape collection and capture in digital format as DV/AVI via Firewire.

The tapes used in the Hi8 are around the size of audio cassettes i.e. a good deal larger than DV tapes, and far more difficult to find than even DV tapes these days, though I still have about 4 virgin Digital 8 tapes lying around.

I can't really find out much about the Sony hi8 CCD-TRV65E though I have found an old bilingual manual for it (English/Russian) and it does not appear even to consider computer downloads: ... =61#manual The recommended download mode is via AV (RCA) cables or at best S-video. The camera does not have a Firewire port, it seems.

So at best, with some sort of analogue to digital capture device, capture to mpeg-2 might be the best option. But I also know nothing about the Konig videograbber -- though as asik1 has pointed out, it will not work (probably) with Win 10. So riadtem might need to be looking at a more recent capture device.

And of course, as you suggest, a far more modern camera for current and future video work! :roll: :cry:
Ken Berry
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