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Clean install on new HDD, Program install order?

Clean install on new HDD, Program install order?

Postby wontonpe » Sat Dec 30, 2006 7:40 pm

Have had a nice solid install of MSP8 working for a while, HDD showed signs of quitting, so I am making a new install on a new freshly formated (actually re-formatted HDD - long story) with a clean windows XP Home install. I have read here that some have a list for what updates to install after a new MSP 8 install & to install video editing software last, to avoid file overwriting. (right?)

However, I am the original cheapskate & have upgraded all the way from VS6se up to MSP8.(see signature for other Ulead Products) I recently purchased a full version of VS8 in the hopes that I could skip some of the version installs. Does anyone have a suggestion as to if I should just jump from VS8 to MSP 8 (doable according to upgrade path) or should I take the step of installing MSP 7 first? In what order do you re-install your Ulead Products on a clean install if you have lots of upgrades?

Also any suggestions as to software NOT to install with MSP8 (already found out that OCR software does not play nice with MSP)?

When I get this running again I am SO going to make a disk image and burn it before I do any more editing. :)

Postby Ron P. » Sat Dec 30, 2006 10:45 pm

If I recall correctly (if not someone will correct me), this was discussed in reference to finding conflicting programs to MSP.
Install MSP 8 first, create a system restore point, and do this for every application you install. Check to make sure MSP8 is running alright. Then install the next application, system restore point, check MSP again.

Rinse and repeat the above steps until you have everything installed that you want. At any time you find that MSP screws up, then you should have an idea what may have caused it. You can then go back to the previous restore, to undo the conflict, or just uninstall the last application.

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it (well unless someone else corrects me) :)
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Postby htchien » Tue Jan 02, 2007 12:46 pm

If you want to use CG Infinity and Video Paint, install MSP 7 first, then upgrade to MSP 8.

If you do not wish to use CG Infinity and Video Paint, install MSP 8 directly if your MSP 8 is not an upgrade.

For your configuration, I would suggest:

COOL 3D Production Studio -> UVS 9 -> UVS 9 Update Packs -> MSP 7 (if you want CG & VP) -> MSP 7 SP3 -> MSP 8 -> MSP8 SP1 -> DVDMF 5 Plus.

if you do not wish to use anyone of them, I think you can just skip that one.

You can install PhotoImpact 11 anytime since it will not use any video components of Ulead products.

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Postby wontonpe » Tue Jan 02, 2007 6:12 pm

Thanks for your reply. I have an install now that I did like this.

Cool3dse>Cool Production studio>VS8 (my first full version)
>updates for 8> VS9upgrade>updates for 9>
MSP8 (asked me for MSP7 S#, but installed)>Videographics Lab upgrade for MSP8>smart compositor designer>SP1 for MSP8>DVDMF+5.

Only thing that does not work is MSP Veditor - Video paint, Cg infinity, audio editor, and capture are all OK though, go figure.

I believe I will start again with a reformatted drive - (sigh).
Is there some reason I would HAVE to install MSP7, both VPaint & CGI seem to work fine without it?

Postby PeterMilliken » Tue Jan 02, 2007 8:41 pm

Yuh just gotta luv reformatting hard drives and re-installing all that software from scratch don't you? :-) Ain't Microsoft wonderful???? The number of days I have wasted doing that :-(

What I do is use a disk imaging program such as Norton Ghost or Image for Windows. The later is a shareware program although I have never been able to image the system disk using the Windows variant of the program - if you purchase the program, it comes with a DOS variant that allows you to create a bootable CD and that works fine for imaging the system partition (the Windows application works fine for imaging non-system partitions - see later discourse on archiving video projects).

Anyway, rather than using restore points like Ron suggested (good way to chew up disk space! I disable them personally). What I do is format the system drive, load XP and any applications that I consider "safe" and then take a snapshot of the system disk using my chosen disk image program (I have used both of the above - I use Image for Windows exclusively these days). I do this by writing the snapshot to a separate hard drive partition although both Norton Ghost and Image for Windows allow writing directly to CD/DVD. But I consider it faster and more reliable to put the image files onto a separate partition (if you have a single drive then partition it - otherwise write them to a partition on the second hard drive) and then when I am happy with the image I have taken i.e. the computer is behaving in an acceptable manner :-), I transfer them to DVD/CD later using Nero. I always leave my last set of image files on this separate partition because it is faster to restore the image from hard drive rather than CD/DVD (naturally :-)). Placing them onto CD/DVD just gives you reliable backup in case of losing the hard drive that holds the image files.

As I install/reach a point that I consider "stable", I take a new image snapshot of the system disk. Whenever I want to load a new application or whatever that I think I might want to keep, I first restore my system from the image backup (thus deleting any crud that may have accumulated by surfing the Internet or loading demo programs etc) and then install the new application - if it doesn't work quite the way I wanted I just restore from image files again and I am back to a "clean" system :-)

I take this approach with every computer that I own now - it is especially handy for the computer that the kids use because when it starts doing "funny" things I just restore the system disk from the last image :-)

I use the same process to backup/archive my video projects - I keep all my project material on a single partition and when I have completed the project I take an image of that disk partition and write it to DVD.

As long as you use good quality DVDs for your image files then you have reliable, safe storage.

Using a disk image program such as Norton Ghost or Image for Windows has saved me days and days of time - plus you don't have to re-activate XP everytime you do a restore (make sure you snapshot after activation of course! :-)).

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Postby wontonpe » Wed Jan 03, 2007 3:14 am

Thanks for all these responses, they really helped. Yup, I will be using Paragon Hard Disk Manager like on my old drive.

I am almost done installing my Ulead software with everything working, then I will make a disk image & continue.

I have used system restore with varied results, have PLENTY of drive space (4 drives) so that is not a problem, but I agree a drive image is more reliable. My last drive was a "stupid install", I had no idea what I was doing, but it all worked. Now I am doing a clean windows install with much less software. Should be more stable. :D

Postby wontonpe » Sun Jan 07, 2007 6:31 pm

Just so you know, everything is up and running super stable - I am going to try the "Video Profile" idea next - Thanks all!!

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