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Linux port possible for Corel products?

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Linux port possible for Corel products?

Postby ebinrock » Fri Dec 21, 2018 9:59 pm

Just wondering, does Corel have any plans to port their software, primarily Paint Shop Pro and CorelDRAW, to Linux? Windows 10 has been having a lot of known issues lately, and it would be nice to have an alternative, especially since you don't even have Mac versions (but since we're all cost-conscious buyers, hence, looking at your bargain prices for software compared to, say, Adobe, we certainly don't want to pay Apple's ridiculous prices for their hardware!).

I know there are a bunch of Linux "distros" out there, but maybe you could just focus on Red Hat and its derivatives; and Ubuntu, since that's a very popular distro as well - and both are supported by pretty solid companies. Newer technologies like Snaps and Flatpak should make it pretty easy to make software packages easily distributed to various Linux flavors anyway. Companies like Blackmagic Design already make their DaVinci Resolve software Linux-compatible. Please? Right now I use Windows 10 but I would really like to switch to Linux - I thoroughly enjoyed Ubuntu for the time I tried it out, but RELUCTANTLY had to go back to Windows because of the lack of good, FULLY-FEATURED quality software on Linux. I tried GIMP for image manipulation but the interface is horrible and not intuitive.
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