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WinDVD will not open to play BD. Licensing service problem

WinDVD will not open to play BD. Licensing service problem

Postby ukg » Mon Apr 13, 2015 7:17 pm

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-AW11XU Laptop which came with a Blu ray player and WinDVD already installed to play the discs. This has always worked fine. However, now the software will not open - instead a LogicLayer error message appears stating "WinDVD information service is not yet ready. Please try again later". This happens on autoplay on inserting a BD disc (the autoplay is set to use WinDVD for BD's) or on trying to open the disc with WinDVD using right click options in explorer. It also happens if trying to open WinDVD from the windows programs start menu.
Some googling seems to show that this relates to the Protexis Licensing service. I checked this service and somehow it was disabled. I set it to automatic start in MS services, and tried to start it manually, but it did not start - producing an 'error 2' message stating that the required file could not be found. I therefore checked the Protexis folder in program files/common files and it contains a DLL file and a .bak file but no .exe file. Again some Googling seems to suggest the correct file is PsiLicensing_v2.exe (the dll file is a v2 one), but that file is not present
Can anyone help with a solution? Is there somewhere I can download this file to replace it? Would that solve the problem or is it more complex than that?
I have no idea why it is missing and (before someone asks) I do not know which version of WinDVD I have, as (according to the help on Corel's support site) to find out, one needs to open it, and (as above) it won't open!
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