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Very strange Audio behaviour…………

Very strange Audio behaviour…………

Postby Wim Kok » Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:21 pm

One of my video friends is faced with a very strange audio problem in MSP8 which I never experienced since my configuration workes fine. We edit HDV and import of his .m2t files is not an issue. Transcoding to mpg.mpg files and creation of proxy-files as well as inserting of the mpg.mpg files works as it should be.
It’s here where the problem starts, preview of the files in the timeline, in the normal way, brings the video but no audio. The only way to hear the file is to start it with the Audio-Mixing panel or to scrub. The sourceclip (m2t) plays normal in VLC, not in WMP and the mpg.mpg plays with both players. An updated version of Quicktime Player is present.
A second phenomena in the audio behaviour is that audio filters are not effective. In the clip-properties is the effect mentioned, but we can not get it active.
I have a feeling that there might be a confict of codec’s here, but that is hard to prove, particullarly because removal of some codec’s might introduce other problems.
Is there anybody who has experienced this before and how could this be solved.
Any help will be highly appreciated,
Wim Kok
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