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21: Corel PhotoImpact X3: [Calendar design]

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21: Corel PhotoImpact X3: [Calendar design]

Postby Yukie » Fri Apr 11, 2008 12:27 pm

1.Go to File > Open ¡÷create a photo from the folder where you save.

2.Go to Effect > Creative > Particle Effect ¡÷choose Particle: Snow¡÷replace the Density value "500" from Basic tab's Effect control section. Click "OK" ¡÷choose "Apply Current Frame Effect to Image".

¡°Snow Effect of scene as below

3.Go to Effect > Artistic > Cartoon¡÷choose Shading Style is "Flat", Detail set "80"¡÷Click "OK".

¡°Add to the Cartoon Effect of scene as below

4.Go to Effect > Lighting > Warm ¡÷choose the third one of the second line¡÷Click "OK".

5.Go to Effect > Lighting > Lights ¡÷choose the second one of the third line¡÷Click "OK".

¡°Add to the Warm and Lights Effect of scene as below

6.Go to EasyPalette > Libraries > Calendar > All ¡÷choose "M03" from all the samples then drag out.

7.Right click on the sample¡÷choose "Ungroup".

8.Delete the original below background, go to Tool > Texture Fill Tool choose "Natural Texture" pick one from "Select texture fill group" on the top tool bar.


9.Delete the original background in above part, drag your image into above part. Use "Crop Tool" to resize and Text resize, save as JPG file then finish edited.
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Postby sjj1805 » Fri Apr 11, 2008 11:46 pm

Simple effective and useful. Nice easy to follow instructions.
Good luck in the competition.
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