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ASP3 not seeing some .dng files and a possible fix

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ASP3 not seeing some .dng files and a possible fix

Postby richards » Thu Jan 17, 2019 8:49 am

Pentax K-1, ASP3 pro. I'm a long-time user since Bibble days. I really like what I can do with ASP. It suits my level of post processing and gives me room to grow. However, I've had a few issues in the last three years or so. It wouldn't recognise the K-1 back in 2016 when it was released. Imagine my joy when I discovered a few months ago that ASP3 would now recognise the K-1. No problems since then, until ...

I started processing my Christmas holiday shots a few days ago and got a few done. I opened ASP two days ago and it wouldn't see any of the .dng files that it saw a few days before. It had no problems with any other folders, just this one. So how can it be folder-specific? Raw Therapee and Darktable opened them. Hmmm. What's going on? Have I done something to the folder inside ASP?

I thought about it a bit and then I created a new folder and copied all the files from the original folder to the new one. Everything works fine. Weird. Does anyone have any ideas what might have caused it?

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