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[ASP 2.2.2] Portrait images has wrong orientation on export

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Re: [ASP 2.2.2] Portrait images has wrong orientation on exp

Postby hochglanz » Sat Jan 28, 2017 12:05 am

I also discovered this problem but at the moment I would say it is not a bug.

Following setup: I took a raw picture (*.CR2) with Canon EOS 7D in portrait format.

The EXIF information of this file is
Width: 5472 px.
Height: 3648 px.
Orientation: Rotate 90 CW

So - every program I tested shows it in portrait style. OK!

Then I exported it in ASP2 into jpeg (all metadata included)
Exiftool says that the file has now:
Width: 2577px
Height: 3866px
EXIF has no orientation information any more.
But the embedded XMP section has following information
Width: 5472px
Height: 3648px
Orientation: Rotate 90 CW

So, this information is about the original state and should not be applied to the current jpeg file.
However, it is also wrongly displayed (landscape) in XnViewMP - probably as well as in the Windows Viewer, like other people mentioned before.

On the other side, most programs show the jpeg correctly
* digikam (on Linux)
* shotwell (on Linux)
* Kodi (on Mac OS X)
* Preview (on Mac OS X - actually this program shows in their metadata information field the rotation - from the embedded xmp section - but anyway they showed the picture correctly in portrait style).

Therefore I guess there is no bug on Aftershot Pro side (although it is a unlucky feature which they introduced in 2.2).

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