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Not really a new topic. Just a ? about an old one

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Not really a new topic. Just a ? about an old one

Postby Izzy » Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:36 pm

New user here (ASP3). Been using LR6 (and for the time being I still am), but, Adobe just went 100% for the CC version. Granted there're two versions of LR\CC, but CC is CC, and I don't like the pay by the month plan. All that aside.

I don't shoot raw. I shoot high quality\low compression jpg. That's the format my unedited images are saved in and they are not in LR.
Edited images are saved as tif, and they are in LR. Did a topic search on Lightroom, and got back a whole bunch of posts about importing
from Lightroom (and\or Adobe}. A lot of the posts referred to the dng format which I don't use.

Question! What I'm wondering is if I can import my LR catalog (which is mostly tif (with some jpg and psd files, but no dng's) directly into ASP, and if yes, how?
The post's that I looked at seem to indicate no, but it's not clear........Izzy
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