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Photo Express 4.0 My Custom Edition (PE4MCE)

Photo Express 4.0 My Custom Edition (PE4MCE)

Postby hatsoff » Tue Aug 19, 2008 2:44 pm

When I purchased my scanner, it came with iPhoto express in 2000.
I did upgrade to Ver. 4.0 in 2003, which I downloaded from Ulead and registered.
I was using this program until my computer crashed in May 2008.
I can not reinstall this program because the installer program does not work.
I tried a number of times to reinstall with NO luck. This program meets all my needs.
I have contacted Ulead & Corel and all I get is that this program is no longer supported by them.
I did purchase PHOTO EXPLOSION the other day and have a ton of problems with it. The program did give me an error message about a file lpe.exe is not available.
Would this file help PE4MCE load and run?
Where would I put this program if it would help install PE4MCE?
I did a search on my computer and this file does not exist.
I did talk to customer service and they are sending me a return number for the PHOTO EXPLOSION.
I was thinking that PHOTO EXPLOSION would get me up and running so that I can edit all my scans.
Currently I am using HP Photo Printing that came with the Windows 2000 Professional. This program stinks.
I need help in reinstalling PE4MCE on my computer.
I am using Windows 2000 Professional operating system, Pentium III, 450MHz, 120GB & 13GB partition hard drives, 785 mb of memory.
I have never had a problem running PE4MCE before the computer crash.
I do a lot of scanning for my business.
The biggest mistake that I made was to download the program and not purchase the actual disk.

:( :( :( :) :) :)
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