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Ulead product (Cool 3D)

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Ulead product (Cool 3D)

Postby talented » Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:58 am

I currently use the old Ulead production software. It's very similar to this new product. Within the Ulead software, the is a 'car' 3d object - free with purchase - and that 'car' happens to be a Jeep. Once loaded, one can bring up the Objects Manager and see that the Jeep 3d object actually has over a dozen sub-object elements, such as tires, body, wheel, etc. each of those elements can be eliminated, re-colored, re-positioned, duplicated, animated, etc.

Question: Does the new product have additional objects like the 'car' that can also be manipulated as outlined above? There are a few more like the 'car', e.g. bike, etc. but I've been unable to find any objects that allow the manipulation of parts within the objects on the web. Or, is there a specific type of, for example, 3ds file that can be secured, even purchased that provides manipulation options, in other words 'parts' that make up the entire object?

An example - I want an object to work with, say a Cobra 427. There's actually is a Cobra 427 3ds file out there for free and many more for sale. The free one imports as a 3ds file, but there are no 'parts' within the objects manager - it's one object - therefore, if I would like to make the tires spin - that simply cannot be done - unlike the 'car' (jeep) noted above - one can 'animate' the tires since the tires are a sub-object with the 'car' object.

Any input will be appreciated.
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Re: Ulead product (Cool 3D)

Postby BrianCee » Mon Jan 28, 2013 11:25 am

This appears to be an exact duplicate of the post you already made here :-


so I am locking this topic to avoid any confusion - I have added the reply I was going to make here to that topic - please return there and continue any discussion you wish to have,
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