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PictureShow issues similar to Photo Explorer

PictureShow issues similar to Photo Explorer

Postby warfdog » Sun Mar 20, 2005 1:29 am

The performance issues widely reported in the DVD Pictureshow forum are similar (outrageously bad performance) to those I have experienced in Photo Explorer.

We are talking about EXTREMELY long refresh times for photo thumbnails, ridiculously high CPU utilization on a high end Pentium 4 2GHz by 1GB system, etc.

See the other forums for comments. This product is, I am sorry to say, a piece of junk.

I've read the posts on this forum, many very old (in order of months).

The PictureShow 3 product performance problems are so severe that it is essentially an unuseable product. It should not have been released. There has not been an adequate response to existing reported problems since January 2005 and earlier.

If anyone, as I did, has purchased the product and found NO solutions to the rendering issues (thumbnail pages that take hours to update and over 24 hours to create a large DVD) then I am afraid your (and my) money is lost.

Caveat emptor as they say. The product is poorly written and not supported. We have been ripped off.

I have purchased and installed a very similar product (found from a link on this site) and have found the performance far better and the product superior. Also it is supported by the vendor. No, I won't name the product since you should research it and I won't compromise this comment with a promotion.

Good luck. ULEAD is junk, garbage, a crying shame!


Postby htchien » Sun Mar 20, 2005 3:35 pm

I'm sorry to see you to have a bad experience with Ulead.

Wish you to have a nice day.

Ted (H.T.)

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Postby dfarman » Sun Mar 20, 2005 10:16 pm

I wouldn't entirely agree with Warfdog's opinion on PhotoExplorer. I think it's a very good program.

The problem maybe that Warfdog is using version 8.5, supplied on the same CD as PictureShow 3 - both of these programs are crap!

PhotoExplorer 8 & PictureShow 2 are excellent. I think Ulead lost their programmers after releasing them & employed a load of idiots.

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