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error page layout there but blank

error page layout there but blank

Postby L » Mon Apr 16, 2007 8:03 am

Have I truly lost the last three folders of photos and vids that I hadn't put onto discs yet? It says 'runtime error' and 'adnormal program termination'. It was frozen, there was a blank box that said scan, but that wasn't all there either whatever it was and I closed it. When I tried to open Exlorer 8 SE - all the layout with boxes are there, the icons at the top, but just white where my photos and folders used to come up. I've never had a problem, is this truly a crash? Have I lost those photos? then the message comes up with Microsoft Runtime Library in blue at the top then:" Run time error" "Ulead.......PEX.EXE"...Adnormal Program Termination. Is there anyway of retrieving anything and how can I get this program to work again - does it have to be uninstalled, then? I see that there are subjects that have covered that, so can read them. L

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