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Upgrading to Windows XP

Upgrading to Windows XP

Postby donclarke » Sat Feb 10, 2007 2:59 am

I purchased Photo Explorer 8 (.exe Version when I was running a Windows98 system. I have now upgraded to a new computer running XP . It appears from the PEX8 Users Guide that my version can run on XP; however, but there are a number of patches, etc out there on your webpage and I need to know which ones and in which order I should apply them to the existing install.

From my previous Win98 install I have the following :
I note that there are also new patches on line, specifically :
In order to get PEX8 up-and-running on my new XP machine, I need to know which of the above patches (and in which order) I need to apply to the current install (PEX8ESD_E.exe) so I'm good to go with XP ...

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