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MA 88 Digital Camera

MA 88 Digital Camera

Postby roop5 » Tue Nov 07, 2006 4:49 pm

I'm a newbie with a very scant knowledge of computers etc. However, I have just bought from a German dealer on the internet a digital camera MA 88 which plugs into the eyepiece of my microscope. I got it installed OK using the CD supplied which says it is Photo Eplorer version 7.0. Mypc runs Windows XP Pro. If I get an image focussed in the eyepiece and then substitute the camera the image that appears on the PC is not the same---it is only a small part of the central area amd much magnified. I expected the optical and digital images to be more or less the same as regards area and content. Am I correct in this? Are there settings to get the two to coincide? Have I got a duff camera? Any help/comments would be most welcome.

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