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Recognize Types of Photography

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Recognize Types of Photography

Postby sarungan » Thu Apr 25, 2019 3:02 am

Recognize Types of Photography

You have to know where your passion for photography is. Do you prefer to take pictures of nature, or night cities?
Do you feel good when photographing a model or prefer to take pictures of people passing by on the streets?
Do you dare to shoot from the height of a building or prefer to use a drone?

I'll give you information on the types of photography available.

1. Toy Photography

It's kind of photographing small toys as if they were animate models and inserting stories in them.

2. Journalism Photography

Photographing an event that is happening. Must have meaning related to the event in the picture.

3. Wildlife Photography

This is a difficult photography job, because you have to be able to live in the wild, at least until you can get the right moment for wild animals. Patience is key.

4. Landscape Photography

We can find it on traveling websites. Because this focuses on photographing the existing landscape.

5. Architectural Photography

This is a unique type, because you have to be able to find the spot of the building to be photographed so that it becomes a beautiful work.

6. Street Photography

This type is more taking pictures of people who are busy with their own affairs on the streets.

7. Fashion Photography

We have to make people or mannequins that wear clothes better. How do we have to make people see what they want to buy.

8. Aerial Photography

Images of the results of this type as if we are seeing with bird's eye. This type of condition must take pictures from a height. Can use drones.

9. Sport Photography

Just like Wildlife, we need to be patient and prepared for all the moments that occur in the field.

10. Food Photography

We must be able to make people who see our images feel hungry. Composition is a very important aspect.

For other interesting info, visit the page
Please visit and enjoy it!

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