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How to add an image in your posts

PostPosted: Tue Oct 06, 2015 12:20 pm
by BrianCee
After you have clicked on 'Post Reply' and the box where you type your reply has opened scroll down the page to find 'Upload attachment' - click on it

post image 01.JPG

The option to choose the attachment will appear - click on 'choose file' and the Windows "open" window will open allowing you to browse to the image you want to attach - select it - and then click the 'open' in the bottom corner of the 'open' window

post image 02.JPG

this will take you back to the forum with the name of the file displayed - click on "Add File"

post image 03.JPG

After a few seconds as the file uploads you will then be shown this screen - put the cursor in your text box where you want the image to appear and click "place inline" - this will put the attachment text in your reply box so

post image 04.JPG

Finish typing your reply and press the 'submit button as normal