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Need suggestions for replacing Comcast rental modem/router

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Need suggestions for replacing Comcast rental modem/router

Postby armxx048 » Wed Jun 20, 2018 5:09 pm

I currently rent a cable modem/router in one from Comcast, an arris tg862, but it has horrible signal range and barely makes it from my computer room to my other devices. I also don't want to keep paying the rental fee.

I'm looking to replace it. I prefer a separate cable modem and router. The farthest it will need to travel is roughly 50 feet and through 3 walls.

My main activity is online gaming, 2 PC's hooked up through wired connection and I'll also have 5 wireless devices hooked up. My normal use will consist of one PC gaming, Netflix streaming through wireless bluray (50 feet and 3 walls away), and a tablet and phone running at the same time. On occasion I may be running up to 6 devices at once, but only 2 would require heavy bandwidth.

I was hoping to stay sub $100 on each device, total of $200, but if that's not possible while maintaining good quality I could probably swing up to $250 total for both.

Any suggestions are appreciated, thank you.
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