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UHD/4K What are the benefits if any?

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UHD/4K What are the benefits if any?

Postby Phil47 » Tue Apr 11, 2017 4:07 am

In this 2015 article about UHD (4K) TV's Geoffrey Morrison questions the benefits of UHD/4K. ... ll-stupid/

So if UHD (4K) TV's are generally no better picture quality than ordinary HD TV's found in most homes is this causing a large amount of unnecessary stress for those in the domestic camera industry and video industry? Not to mention the consumers who are being convinced to part with more money for no actually discernable benefit in picture quality.

Or am I missing something here?
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Re: UHD/4K What are the benefits if any?

Postby Ron P. » Thu Apr 13, 2017 5:30 am

Just my opinion, I think you're correct. It's much like still photography, where the megapixel hype is used to drive more sales. They get people believing that you must have a camera that produces images of a bazillion mega-pixels, because those low-res, older models, the 6, 8 or 10mp cameras can not produce sharp images larger than a postage stamp. Huh? How did all those billboards come to be? They had no problem using 6mp cameras to produce them.

It has to do with proximity, how close do you want to view your whatever product, video on television or still image on a wall. This 4K hype is fine for these huge televisions where you can view them from the other side of town. In the same room, a smallish room, you're not going to be able to tell the difference, well other than the weight of your wallet.
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Re: UHD/4K What are the benefits if any?

Postby skier-hughes » Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:47 am

A lot depends on what the source is.
If you are viewing UHD made movie then watching it with a UHD tv will see a difference in quality over an HD tv.
If you are watching a HD movie then the difference will be very minimal, and can depend on how good a quality HD tv you use to compare, as each maker produces a wide range of hd TV's which have better quality viewing as you move up the price ladder.
If you are watching an older SD movie, then there is no point having an UHD tv over an HD tv.
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Re: UHD/4K What are the benefits if any?

Postby Mytur2 » Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:20 pm

skier is correct, if the source file or movie is captured in 4k, and the tv is 4k. you will see a bit better of an image. although in my opinion it isnt enough to matter/worth the cost

if you are talking about games, then 4k does look a good deal better and smoother than 1080 does, but that is also hit and miss. its all sort of like the big debate people always make about refresh rate/fps. people strive to hit an FPS that is way above what we can even see. after 60fps few fewer people can see any difference every jump of 10 you make. at around 90-120 fps is where we humans top out. yet people still are shooting for 200 lol
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