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PSP2019 Ult Collage Will not instal all programmes

PostPosted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 10:43 am
by Holdeni
I purchased from Corel by electronic download The Corel mix of Programmes PSP 2019 Ult' In the middle of the download the modem failed. Replacing the modem I tried the download again PSP 2019 32 & 64 installed perfectly also Photo Mirage. The rest of the collage After Shot 3. Painter Essentials. Creative Collection . Perfectly Clear and Brush selection all downloaded but failed to install. I ran the PSP 2019 Clean up tool looked for any corrupt files and deleted same. I used Corel assistance who were extremely helpful but all to no avail. Finally I asked Cleverbridge to reinstate my order ( cut off for too many Downloads) and reinstalled on another machine perfectly. Can anyone tell me how to sort the corrupt file or what I am missing in clearing this problem?