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PSP printing issues

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PSP printing issues

Postby joel_l » Fri Mar 15, 2019 4:24 pm

Like some others, I have been having issues printing to HP printers with PSP 64 bit ( I have a 7740 ). Through all the searches I've done, seems this has been a persistent issue and I have given up hope it will ever be addressed.

I have found a solution that works for me, though not free. I installed the drivers done by printfab and now I can print to my HP printer. It's not perfect, some oddities with paper handling ( auto tray select works fine on my multi tray printer ). The diver does not support scanning functions on MFP units. My solution to that is to have the HP driver installed and I call it 7740_scanner, I added another port ( wired LAN ) and called it 7740_PF ( printfab ). So, when I want to scan, I use the 7740_scanner and to print, 7740_PF. Have not had a problem with PSP or Turbocad ( another program I had problems with ).

Of course, now that I have done this, there will be a release to address this issue ( you're welcome ) soon..... But, printfab has some nice extended color controls that I find useful regardless of fixes.

The other thing to note is that not all printers are supported, at least by name. Like there is no direct setup for my 7740, but there is a K8600 which works just fine.

If it's something you want to try, there is a demo period ( 30 days ) to try it out.

I have nothing to do with printfab folks, just a solution I found I thought I'd share.
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