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Corel is calling beta testers!!

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Re: Corel is calling beta testers!!

Postby LeviFiction » Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:52 pm

I fully believe they do, just not always in a timely manner or in the way we anticipate. Also, not all of their changes are specific user requests. I don't say that in defense of them, just pointing out that it often takes them a while to address concerns. Remember when x3 (x4?) came out and there was that bug with the layer size on text including an extra space at the end? That took a couple of versions and patches to correct. They've still disregarded the complaints about their attempts to make the text tool easier to use by forcing you into edit mode if you dare to change the selected color while a text object is highlighted. But they did finally add superscript and subscript. Which have been requested for some time.

And then there are the "new features" that seem half-baked and don't always appear truly useful until a version or two down the road when they are finally "enhanced". For example, the shape cutter option. I still don't truly get the point of the shape cutter. But the preview option at least made it seem more like something useable.

But all of these things are exactly why more people should sign up to be beta testers.

As beta testers, your main role is testing new features. However, you don't only get to see what's coming up next, you also get to weigh in on the effectiveness of a design. Instabilities introduced into the program. Long-standing bugs that you're just not sure they are even attempting to address. Feature requests. Journals to help them understand your processes, likes, and difficulties using the software.

So let's not use this topic to complain, sign up and ensure your voice gets heard.
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Re: Corel is calling beta testers!!

Postby JoeB » Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:00 pm

I actually didn't post my complaint to complain to the group as a whole. :-) I posted it to complain to the OP, who is a Corel support person, because it's hard enough getting their attention and so I try to make my points to them in any thread that has any possibility of reaching a Corel pair of ears (or eyes, as the case may be). I also hoped to get the attention of Beta testers in hopes they might be more aggressive to Corel in making their views about so-called "features" that they don't like known to Corel. One can only hope....

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Re: Corel is calling beta testers!!

Postby MarkZ » Tue Oct 16, 2018 2:59 pm

Another reason for more testers is that it provides a greater variety of platforms with various components so that it is more likely that bugs will become evident.
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Re: Corel is calling beta testers!!

Postby df » Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:16 am

I gave up when they flat out lied to me about contacting the vendor of a plug-in that wasn't working. There wasn't any point in continuing if they don't bother to even do what they say they will do, much less ignore people about other things.
Regards, Dan

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