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Ads have come back with a VENGEANCE!!!

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Ads have come back with a VENGEANCE!!!

Postby Dijenga » Mon Jun 03, 2019 4:28 pm

I know you guys are trying to keep market share, but my goodness! The sheer number of ads coming through is SICKENING!

While I hadn't uninstalled Paintshop, it is seldom used unless I need to scan in an image. Then last week, I made the mistake of using Video Studio and the ads went from occasionally showing up when I used the programs to showing up randomly throughout the day.

Rather distasteful in my opinion.

First it was the licensing that led me to look for a different imaging program. Succeeded, and am far happier with its results but it doesn't allow me to scan images from inside of the program.

The version of Video Studio I have is sufficient for what I do, so will probably keep using it, however, I don't need 15-20 popups a day telling me about your "specials". Prices aren't all that impressive (saved $20 by changing photo editors instead of upgrading to your latest offering), and I know where to find you if I need something you sell.

So, how do I stop the flood of popups without uninstalling EVERYTHING from Corel?
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Re: Ads have come back with a VENGEANCE!!!

Postby TimW » Wed Jun 05, 2019 5:59 pm

Dijenga; We feel your pain, but you might try addressing these concerns directly to Corel, in addition to this forum, which is not run by Corel. I just simply block all communications coming in from Corel.
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