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Keywords (Tags) in PSP 2019 Ultimate and AfterShot 3

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Keywords (Tags) in PSP 2019 Ultimate and AfterShot 3

Postby Photomechanic » Thu May 09, 2019 6:29 pm

I'm puzzling over the way to incorporate keywords in my workflow with PaintShop Pro 2019 Ultimate, which includes AfterShot 3. Normally I'd use AfterShot both to assign and find images by keyword, but apparently keyword search is part of the catalog function that's in AfterShot Pro but not AfterShot. However, PSP 2019 has "tags". Here's my problem. When I assign a keyword in AfterShot, it seems to "remember" it, even though the keyword is not in the XMP file, as it would be if I assigned it in Bridge. If I select all the images and then write a standard XMP file from AfterShot's menu, I get keywords in the XMP that are then visible to Bridge and can be searched on there. However, I don't seem to be able to see them in PSP 2019, nor can I assign a Tag name and search on it to find the same tag. Has anyone had any success with using keywords in AfterShot as Tags in PSP? It seems silly to provide the capability in AfterShot and not be able to use it either in AfterShot or PSP (the two are both in the Ultimate bundle). Also, has anyone figured out how to make AfterShot 3 save the keywords in the XMP without having to remember to write them explicitly. Is there a preference setting I'm missing? There is one to automatically write XMPs if the file is cataloged, but there is no catalog except in pro.
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