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Re: What Do You Like About PSP2019?

PostPosted: Wed May 01, 2019 4:31 am
by ehume
patchncrew1 wrote:
ehume wrote:]
The File > Open... function merely invokes a Windows function. I see no tabs in the Open dialog in PSP 2018 or x9. The Open dialog that opens can be resized and reshaped in both versions of PSP; you simply have to grab it at the corner.

Q - could this be one more problem that comes when you move from Win7 (a great OS) to win 10 (a lousy OS).

In x9 I get the full listings options for my files and tabs for edit and manage.
The resize thing, nope, doesn't work on the 2019 thing. In x9 I scroll in and out, and when cropping, window stays true to the image size, On the 2019 thing the image changes size within the stupid square box. When making sure setting on both programs were identical for this element the 2019 thing refuses point blank to do what it should.
There is NOTHING new that I could find, nothing that x9 doesn't already have. Also, the price I was charged is different to the price it should have been according to x9, so that in itself should have been a warning to me not to get the thing. I have emailed for a refund so just have to wait for that. I will NEVER respond to any more Corel sales stuff again, I feel cheated not only on the price thing but on the program being an utter let down, and the hours of wasted time. I can't imagine why anyone with x9 [ for instance] would consider this thing to be of ANY benefit. Heck, my prehistoric 'Microsoft Digital Image 10' is better than the 2019 thing.

I never used Win7 myself so can't comment on that, my preference was 98SE, XP was a ok when set to 98SE user style, Win 10 is what I currently use but only because the machine was a present, otherwise I would still be using XP for as long as possible as I did with 98SE.

I think what you will discover is that the Open dialog is governed by the OS. I have not used Win 95, 98, 98SE or XP in a long time -- Win7 was that good. I have tried the Open window in x9 and I do not see what you describe.

What I like about PSP 2018 (and 2019) is the larger icons -- I can make them out. I like PSPx9, but with the small icons, I can barely make them out. If you like large text, that is a reason to get PSP 2019. If you do not need either larger icons or text, I see no reason to get PSP 2019 if you already have PSPx9 (it was an apex design of PSP, after all) . . . but don't expect to get your Open dialog back.

Re: What Do You Like About PSP2019?

PostPosted: Wed May 01, 2019 4:50 am
by LeviFiction
Anything worthwhile? Or anything worthwhile to you?

The 360 photo editing is quite basic, but welcome for cleaning up basic flaws in my photospheres. I loved the tiny planet effect before they restricted it to 360 photos only. Though I did get around that so suck it Corel and your bad design decisions.

2018 focused mostly on the UI and performance improvements. The clone overlay and additional text enhancements were nice. And there were small speed increases with a few items. All depends on your needs and wants.

Something tells me if Corel was fielding more returns than normal they might do something about it. But the support this time around has been just as minimal as previous years.

I am sorry you have not found value in the latest editions and had so much trouble. I have personally had no issues on win10. The program works exactly as I intend. So I cannot comment on yours.

If you haven't abandoned Corel completely. Maybe you'll find yourself using the trial of 2020 when it comes out. The trial so as to avoid the hassle of demanding a return.

Re: What Do You Like About PSP2019?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 12:35 pm
by Akshita579
I so agree with you.