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transparent background

Postby jyarddog » Fri Dec 07, 2012 11:12 am

Could someone show me step by step how to have a totally transparent background, using corel PSPX4?

I have a picture of a logo with a white background. I would like to get rid of the white background so I see nothing but the logo. Backgound eraser works but after I save, the bmp still has the white background. Bob
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Re: transparent background

Postby LeviFiction » Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:08 pm

BMPs are not know for their transparency options. I think you can do it under special circumstances, the image has to be low resolution 256 color indexed and the top corner pixel (0,0) is supposed to be the color you want to be transparent and such but I don't like this option as GIF would be better for that anyway.

GIF and PNG are the two most common formats that support transparency. PNG saves at the highest quality and has the greatest transparency flexibility. Also results in a generally larger file size.

GIF saves at a lower quality and can only define one color as transparent. Usually a smaller file size than a PNG.

So depends on what you want and need.

With a PNG it's simple, select the PNG format from the file format list and hit save. It should save the transparency. If it doesn't, that's fine you just need to make a small adjustment.

Click Save As

Select PNG from the file format list

In the bottom right-hand corner you'll see an "Options" button. Click that, then click "Run Optimizer."

Under the "Transparency" tab select "Alpha Channel Transparency" and "Existing Image or Layer transparency." This adds more information to the image but also gives the greatest transparency ability.

Or you can select "Single color Transparency" which will use a very specific color within a given tolerance to create the transparency. You can then set a specific color or tell it to use the current image transparency.

When you save out from now on, it'll use the transparency options that you selected.
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Re: transparent background

Postby teknisyan » Mon Dec 10, 2012 11:58 pm

You can also follow the steps in this KB ... background
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