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New Theme Issue

Postby AKav » Wed Jan 14, 2009 10:44 pm

I've had PS4 for quite some time now (almost 2 years) and have been thrilled with it. I really don't want to use different software because this allows me to use multiple audio files and trim them to suit my needs. I've had hiccups every now and then and just follow the clean install instructions provided by michaeltee in the past. (thank you, by the way)

Today I developed a theme issue. I'm not fond of the cutesy themes so I use the one on the "general" pull down menu which is a series of colored squares. I went to make some revisions to some of my slideshows today to swap out some photos which are of higher quality. None are very large in terms of file size (all less than 1MB). When I went from the gallery tab to the theme tab, my previously chosen them did not appear. I tried clicking a couple of other choices and got the following message before locking up:

"unable to load template resource"

I did a clean install not 2 hours ago so I'm concerned about this template issue. I'm ok with using one of the default images but this is a new problem for me.

Thanks in advance for any input.
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