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CD DVD PictureShow 4 Trial - 10 Photos Only??

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CD DVD PictureShow 4 Trial - 10 Photos Only??

Postby Angela E Smith » Thu Mar 22, 2007 5:57 pm

I ran a test regardless of only having 10 photos on a DVD burned slideshow to see what the quality of the pictures on the TV would be and I'm thrilled to see excellent results.

I would now like to try with a larger number of photos before purchasing. How can I increase the number of photos on a slideshow.

Also, on the first DVD I tried to add more slideshows, all with 10 photos, to the DVD and the trial version would not allow.

Are these limitations the result of the 'trial' version or is it likely I'll encounter similar difficulties with the 'full version'.

Thanks. Angela Smith
Angela E Smith

Postby sjj1805 » Fri Mar 23, 2007 1:47 am

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Angela E Smith wrote:Have had a chance to read through some of your postings on the Ulead board and find them most helpful and informative. I've spent long hours scanning slides from the 1960's and have managed to get great results. Also, a growing number of digital photos.

I would like to make good quality DVD's or CD's (whatever will produce optimal results) to share with the family.

I have time and the dedication to do this and believe me I've tried, Roxio, Nero, now Ulead CD DVD PictureShow 4 trial, and the results from the last software package appears to provide the best result when viewed on the TV.

I read in one of the postings that you thought if NTSC and PAL productions were required it would be best to use another software package.

Thanks. Angela

One of the easiest Ulead programs to use for creating slideshows is
CD & DVD PictureShow 4 which is aimed more towards slideshows than video.
It has ready made themes that can be applied and creates splendid DVD Video discs that can be shared with friends and family.

The next best software for slideshows, for ease of use would be
DVD MovieFactory. The latest version 6+ also includes a number of ready made themes that can be applied.
You get more frills with MovieFactory which will also turn any video you have into DVD's that can be shared amongst friends and family.

Going deeper you can use VideoStudio and MediaStudio.
Technically you could use DVD workshop though its real use is to create DVD Menus from your prepared video material.

So in order of ease of use for creation of a slideshow the Ulead line up is
CD & DVD PictureShow 4

Regarding NTSC -v- PAL
The U.S.A. Japan and a few other parts of the world use the NTSC television system of
29.97 frames per second and a screen size of 720 x 480
Europe uses the PAL television system of
25 frames per second and a screen size of 720 x 576.

If you are in a region that uses the NTSC system but wish to supply a DVD to someone in a PAL region,
you will in most cases be able to supply a DVD in the NTSC format as most PAL players will accept a
DVD in the NTSC format. Unfortunately it does not always work the other way where you can send a PAL video to
someone with an NTSC player - BUT if they have a computer it then they could play the DVD on their computer.

Regarding your post in this thread, when you purchase the full version you are not limited by the number of photographs in a slideshow, technically you could include a 1,000 but you would have to consider the effect upon your intended audience!
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