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WinDVD pro 11 will not play 3d bluray.

WinDVD pro 11 will not play 3d bluray.

Postby Blip2 » Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:51 am

I'm on windows 7 pro. I'm using an Nvdia 3d vision system for stereoscopic. I'm using nvidia driver 355.60, a very recent one.

WinDVD was working fine for 3D bluray playback during the demo phase. After the demo was over I registered and downloaded it again, now it will not play 3D movies, it will only play them 2D. Sometimes I'll get a message saying that I don't have a 3D player connected to a 3D monitor, but I do. I play 3D games all the time, and was watching 3D movies fine before playing for registration.

Need help, thanks.
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