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WinDVD Pro 11 3D anaglyph mode

WinDVD Pro 11 3D anaglyph mode

Postby Justin42 » Fri Dec 30, 2011 9:19 am

I just installed WinDVD Pro 11 today and am a bit confused in what I am seeing in anaglyph mode on 3d Blurays. Basically, the video stretches weirdly and I see a dominantly-red part of the screen and a dominantly-green part of the screen, instead of what you would expect (with the reds/greens meshed together). It's almost like it is seeing the 2 frames present on a Bluray 3D disc and is trying to show that all on one screen, and then make it 3d, instead of merging the 2 frames into a single anaglyph frame. (I.e., the left frame becomes red, the right frame becomes green, and then they don't get overlapped to create 1 image, they just kind of land on the screen)

Is this the expected behavior? My understanding from the box and documents online is that it should let me watch true 3D blurays in anaglyph mode...

When I am watching 2D content (Bluray or DVD) and use the 2D to 3D conversion, it does produce a proper anaglyph screen that produces a pretty impressive 3D effect, and works with the glasses included in the box just perfectly.

I know it's hard to explain without screen shots but I don't think there's a good way to take a capture, is there?

System is homebuilt, i7-2600k, Asrock Z68 mobo, 16GB RAM, Radeon 6950 1G video card with Cat 12.1 preview drivers..

Is this likely a video card/driver issue, WinDVD issue, or something else going on? I would try to contact support but right now their page is set for WinDVD 11 issues to be "Japan only." :P Also to mention I tried with both WinDVD Pro 11 out of the box, and with SP1, same difference.

I don't have a 3D monitor,so anaglyph is my only hope for now. ;)

Thanks for any tips!
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