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New Member Activation Procedure

PostPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 1:09 am
by BrianCee
When a potential new member has completed their registration screen an email will be sent to that member advising them that their account requires activation - it is therefore important that you register with a valid and permanent e-mail address and to prevent the Corel e-mails being sent to your spam folder please add to your contact list.

If you do not receive an activation e-mail please first check your spam folders then e-mail and ask for manual activation.

when asking for manual activation PLEASE use the e-mail address you registered with, and it would help if you also mention your username.

If the account is not activated one month after initial registration then the member will be reminded by e-mail, after a further one month a second e-mail will be sent and approx one week after that the account will be deleted and the member concerned will need to complete the registration form again.

In view of the large number of spammers who still attempt to join the Web Board every day, and also a large amount of unwanted pornographic material and the advertising of drugs, loans and other unwanted material - this Web Board now operates a Policy whereby the first two posts/replies by all new accounts will remain hidden from public view (this includes the new member) until checked by Web Board Staff and approved by them before the posts become publicly visible, the new member is then allowed to post freely.

Should anyone find an item of unwanted spam then please report the post using the report button in each post and swift action will be taken against the spammer concerned.

Zero Posters
In an attempt to keep the forum active we also operate a zero posts policy, any member not posting within two months of activation will be removed following a warning e-mail.

Non-registered guests will still be able to view the forum reading the posts as normal. However some attachments may not be available.

Newly Registered User cannot use Signatures which will be available after activation of the first two posts.

These measures have been introduced for the benefit of our members who are entitled to a family friendly forum.

Please do not send private messages to the user phpbbadmin - this is an un-monitored account and your PM may well go un-answered for some considerable time

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