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Private Messages and Emails to Forum Staff

PostPosted: Sat Oct 28, 2006 9:58 pm
by sjj1805
In the last 2 days I have received the following.

1. Private email
Hey Steve, how are you doing over there....? sorry i bother you again but it's that i got doubt, i have created a movie, i put 1 subtitle and 1 extra audio in it. It's the movie Finding nemo, the format of this movie is *.avi. and i also designed my menu and some other things. You know what....? by the moment i clicked the button burn and of course after configuring it, it started converting the movie but my god it was very very slow. With Ulead Video System it takes me 3 or 4 hours to burn a movie of 2 hours. This movie lasts 1.30m and i had to cancel the process cause it was 5.30 hours and it had only advanced 20%, do you imagine how long it was going to be to finish this process???? Well i wanted to ask you if this is normal? cause' it lasts too much to burn. Do you think it is because it's a *.avi movie? why is it? Please help with this....

thank you very much Steve.

note.- I don't think it could be my pc cause' its fast and a good machine

2. PM Message
I have created a rectangle in PI 12 and want to set the roundness in the tool panel but everything is greyed out. How to I make the tool settings active?

Whilst the Administrators, Moderators, Senior Members and Advisors of the forum are only too willing to help and assist, I must stress that this is not the best method of securing our assistance.

If we choose to reply on an individual basis then
a) We are replying to ONE user and only that ONE user will gain the benefit of our knowledge and experience whilst their may be other members of this forum who also have this same issue and would have benefited from the response.
b) Even the Moderators and Senior members of this forum are not experts in ALL aspects of a wide range of Ulead Products ranging from Video Editing with VideoStudio, MovieFactory and MediaStudio to non Video Products like PhotoImpact, GIF Animator, PhotoExplorer and the like.
There are also other highly specialised programs such as Cool 3D Production Studio and Video Graphics Lab.

Some Users have a little knowledge about a lot, Other users have a lot of knowledge about a little. It is in YOUR interests to post these queries in the open forum so that
1. Others gain the benefit of responses given.
2. YOU gain the benefit of a wider number of users who have this knowledge.

This is not meant as a rant, only as a reminder of the best means for all of us to help each other. I receive at least a dozen such requests on a daily basis. I am in full time employment and to respond to these requests on an individual basis is very time consuming, time which I do not always have.

I will repost the two above example posts into the appropriate forums.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 12:04 am
by sjj1805
A gentle reminder to our members of this link.
In one day I have received the following PM's or emails.

VideoKillers wrote:Oryginal POLISCH e-mail
...MediaStudio Pro 8 zostaje wycofane z naszej oferty z dniem 1 kwietnia biezacego roku i nie bedzie kontynuowane w kolejnych wersjach.
Laczac wyrazy szacunku,
Daniel Wiktorowicz
Channel Manager Poland
tel/fax: +4822 517 78 38

"...However, it has imitated to explain one-valued (unequivocal) me and confirm farthest fates officially and plans related with this program it has been recaptured from our offer with day 1 this april MediaStudio PRO 8 and it will not be continued in next versions. "


KBRADSH wrote:Hi :

Background : My Sharp camcorder for some reason will not allow me to capture video direct to my PC any more : So I'm using the AV cable to my DVD player & recording the video onto a DVD

I am then editing the video on my PC that is on the DVD : This would be fine but theres no sound

Problem : The video is there but there is no sound : The properties indicates there is Dolby Digital sound recorded . I also tried movie maker 3 and that actually said that Dolby Digital is not supported

Any idea on what the solution is ?

larry wrote:I bought a license for VS10 Plus and used it on my older computer (Windows XP Professional) which caught fire a few weeks ago due to power surge. I bought a new computer(Windows VISTA) and tried to download VS10 Plus . Boy , it has been a nightmare ! I therereafter abandoned that idea to download VS11 Plus instead . What's hard to understand is the level of disregard this problem is accorded by the technical experts of the Software maker. Please advise what I can do to get my V10 Plus back to work.
Thanks Larry
Columbus Ohio

PostPosted: Sun May 04, 2008 12:20 am
by sjj1805
Once again I must remind members of this particular post in our forum rules.

Brian Smith wrote:Ken/Vidoman/sjj1805 - i have decided to give VS a try, so I'm going to purchase the program. can you guys recommend a
capture card i can use to capture video? i have an older Hi-8 camera with s-video and composite outputs. plus, i'd like the
capability to capture from a VCR, as my family has plenty of VHS tapes from years past.

PaulJaneWillcox wrote:Steve,
If it is better I am very happy to add these comments to the forum, do you want me to add a new entry or update my current postings. I spent some time looking at different programme and Convert to DVD works it also allows me to add to VS 10 but I was wondering if you could help with the comments on my previous note.
Many many Thanks

Are you saying that I convert one clip using Convert to DVD then drag and drop all the others and it will amend these as well? Last time I tried to add an MPEG4 file to VS10 it did not like it and refused to accept it.Sorry I may have the wrong end of the message. Do I need 11.5 Version.
Many Thanks

PostPosted: Mon May 05, 2008 12:44 am
by sjj1805
Dear Site Admin,

I have read your posts upon the Corel website and i was wondering if you could help me? I recently purchased Ulead videostudio 11.5 and it does not work on my Vista computer. I have all the requirements, i have tried uninstalling and installing multiple times and nothing works. Microsoft comes up with a message when i try to run the program saying that "Ulead VideoStudio has stopped working a problem caused the program to stop working correctly..." Do you think you can help me?

Frustrated customer,

PostPosted: Sun Aug 24, 2008 1:20 pm
by Devil
I agree with Steve on this. Today, I answered a question on a board asking for more details of the user's settings. He replied with a PM. I replied asking him to post the reply in the thread, so that others would know what was going on.

Re: Private Messages and Emails to Forum Staff

PostPosted: Sat Jan 29, 2011 5:46 pm
by Ron P.
I've just added an additional line to the Web Board Rules.. viewtopic.php?p=26995#p26995
10. Private messages, telephone calls, concerning Corel products to Moderators and Administrators will be ignored. Create a topic or post replies on existing threads to air your comments or suggestions.
11. Some members, including Moderators and Administrators, may have links posted to their personal or business websites in their signature blocks. Please do not use those to contact them about matters related to this web board, or product help. These also will be ignored. Upon complaint of abuse in this regard, by any member is brought to the Administrative staff, the abusing member will be immediately banned.

One of our Moderators received a telephone call in the early morning hours. The caller apparently had questions about a trial version. The web board does not release any personal information, about any members to anyone. There are some that do post links to their personal and business websites in their signatures. If they do have mailing addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers posted on those personal/business websites, and it is being abused, ie; people seeking help with various Corel products, those doing so are subject to being banned from this web board.

This is a volunteer User to User service, and members may have businesses that involve the usage of various Corel products, however their business is not to be construed as another avenue of support.

I would also caution those that choose to post links to their personal and business websites. The web board and Corel are not responsible for members that follow such links, and any actions they may pursue as a direct result. If you feel that it is interfering with your business, I highly recommend removing the link from this web board.