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MTS files when added are slow

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MTS files when added are slow

Postby bradsta74 » Wed May 15, 2013 1:23 am

G'day, I have just purchased DVDMF 7 and I am trying to start a project with MTS files from my Panasonic full HD camcorder,I can add the files to the project but when I go to preview it or edit the scene the speed of the scene slows down,then speeds up,it's all over the place. It does not run smoothly. The sound comes out clear and in standard speed,just the picture speed im having trouble with. How do I fix this? Thanks
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Re: MTS files when added are slow

Postby Ken Berry » Wed May 15, 2013 2:06 am

Since you haven't told us any real facts about your computer, it is difficult to say. MTS video is AVCHD, and that is one of the most demanding formats on computer resources. You need at the very least a decent Core 2 Duo to even be able to play it, and preferably something more powerful.

MF 7, moreover, is now rather old, though can still handle MTS on a decent computer. But the problems you describe sound typical for a slightly underpowered computer. Have you tried rendering out a final product as yet, and if so, was the slowness/erratic movement still there? By the way, you don't need to waste a disc at the end. On the final page, untick 'Create Disc' and instead select 'Create Folder' whether it is a DVD or Blu-Ray disc you are producing. You can then play that folder in a software player to see how the result is.

I might also mention that MF's "sister" program, Video Studio, has had a feature for several versions now called SmartProxy. It was designed specifically to make editing of difficult high def formats like AVCHD smoother on a less powerful computer. Essentially, SmartProxy creates a standard def copy of the high def original. You do the editing on that, and the previews are much smoother. Then when satisfied, the edits are applied to the high def originals. But unfortunately, MF does not have that feature.
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